Friday, July 25, 2008

The Work, Pilates in Anderson

Edgar Tirado's Studio in Anderson, SC. All apparatus pictured by Tirado Pilates Apparatus. The best way to decide on Pilates Apparatus is to take a ride.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Asheville Pilates, July 18, 2008

While visiting Asheville NC, with the two new grand babies Edgar had his second session with Maureen Sher at Asheville Pilates. This time he tried GYROTONICS and loved it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The following was posted on a great Pilates Discussion Board (founder Tom Floyd) by Edgar; he has the springs manufactured for his Apparatus

Hello, long time listener, first time caller.
I know a pretty good deal about springs. Ms. Siri proposed that I write an article on springs.
I'm in the process.
Dear readers, your questions, concerns and trepidations will be a great help in my organization of said article,
and a service to our Pilates community.
I thank you

Hello again,
I am Edgar Tirado. I've been practicing Pilates since '97. I was certified by Romana (then the Pilates Studio NY) Jan 99.
I built my first Reformer before I was certified. Peter did his end of conference demo on it in Dallas recently.
Why did I? I thought I could make a better one.

On to springs.
'Rule of the thumb' as I understand it, the origin of the expression is Middle Age, when it was fashionable for a husband to beat his wife. The rule: the stick you beat her with, could be no thicker than his thumb.
Spring basics as it pertains to Pilates Apparatus


  1. Compression
  2. Extension
In our work all but two, are extension springs.

The Foot Corrector (compression) The Magic Circle (spring clamp)

The story goes that Joseph used barrel hoops. Powder kegs or nail kegs hoops seem more likely.

Determining factors of spring extension:

  1. Gauge of wire (diameter of the wire) typically, oil tempered music wire
  2. The thickest, chair springs. The thinnest, arm chair springs
  3. The inside diameter of the coil
  4. The number of coils per inch
  5. The length of the spring

Part Deux

How long can you expect springs to last?

A pretty long time provided you don't take them for granted.

Look for advanced oxidation (if there are rust flakes involved, get new springs and try not to let them get that way again)More on this later for environments that are very humid, tropical or seaside-ish.

Under normal conditions a periodic light wiping of the springs with odorless mineral spirits and then an even lighter wiping with a highly refined oil (3 in 1) should do the trick belaying the acid action of daily handling.
Next time: Performance

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

June 18 - 24 Studio Body Logic, Alexandria, VA

Edgar taught Private sessions and did seminar for studio instructors. Tirado Pilates Apparatus featured. Karen Garcia studio owner.

Peter Fiasca - Continuing Education and Pilates DVDs

April 29 - May 5, Cayman Island Pilates

April 24 - 27 Evolv Pilates, Memphis Tennessee

Elena Jenkins, MBA, NASM-CPT
Director, Evolv Pilates & Personal Training
Instructor, U of M Dept. Health & Sports Sciences
Fitness Nutritionist

Tirado Pilates Apparatus delivers and installs High Mat and Wall Units. Edgar Tirado conducts training and seminar.

February 8 - 10, 2008 Traditional Pilates Intensive

Four Dynamic Presenters: Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca, Siri Galliano & Edgar Tirado

Edgar Tirado, founder of The Work, Pilates in Anderson in Anderson, SC and creator of Tirado Pilates Apparatus complete line of traditional studio equipment, began studying the Pilates Method in Atlanta in 1997, and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1998. Edgar upholds the integrity of Mr. Pilates' original method by teaching apprentices, giving workshops and seminars for instructors, as well as manufacturing Tirado Pilates Apparatus traditional studio equipment.

Tirado Pilates Apparatus was featured at the Intensive Workshop and was very well received.