Thursday, July 9, 2009

Edgar Tirado is Available for Private Sessions or Mini Seminars Before or After the Big Bear Intensive!

As many of you know, the Big Bear Intensive, with the likes of Jay Grimes, Dorothee VandeWalle, Kathryn Ross-Nash, MeJo Wiggin and Siri Galliano, is coming up next month. If you haven’t already signed up, we encourage you to at

Edgar Tirado will be presenting From the Patents to the Present: An Equipment Workshop on Friday from 12:00pm-3:00pm. And due to demand, he will also be available for both several days before and after the conference to teach private sessions or mini seminars at any Pilates Studio in Southern California. The same 10% Big Bear discount for apparatus applies to any studio where he teaches. Please book soon as we are trying to set the schedule. You can reach us through email at or by phone at (864) 226-5439.

Thanks and we hope to see you all soon!