Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pilates Doesn't Cost, it Pays

With the economy faltering people are looking for ways to cut back wherever they can. More often then not, that means reducing medical care, eating foods that aren't as healthy, and spending less time and money staying in shape.

This is the wrong way to think. Staying in shape saves you money. It lowers the chances that you will need medical care, your body requires less food because it is working more efficiently, and your positive self-image leads toward improving yourself in other ways. It is a lifestyle choice that relives stress, is a healthier way to live, and a necessity for people who wish live a better life.

Just as keeping your mind sharp as you age, we all know that keeping healthy leads to increased overall wellbeing. This is where Pilates can help you save money because Pilates is comprehensive; every exercise is a step to total integration of the body systems. Keeping up on your Pilates is a solid financial investment. So in this time of tighter wallets, let Pilates help you keep a tighter powerhouse and you'll be richer for it.

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